zono's big boy muscle room


dmmd fanart be like


i need a dog so bad rn HOLY shit

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(looks at literally anything) (neutral shrug)

oooh my god i have to poop so bad??? what thehell

reblog if your a sjw


(sexy jelly wizard)

hey im on a skool comp H0ll@

my pods gonna die n im gonna cry so later

im such a sad kid all the time and i wish i could draw good

i want to rip off the rest of the skin on my cheek that i bit thru bcnit bothering me so fuckin bad


girls dont care about how tall u are. how good looking u are. how hot ur body is. girls only care about 1 thing and 1 thing only. memes

if anyone calls me she today im just gonna butt in and say he bc im so done with being nice about this stuff!!! its important to me beyond belief do you think i fucking care if it makes you uncomfortable to say for like a week until youre used to it im uncomfortable for my whole life asshole